Treatment is a mix of ‘what just about everyone needs to know and do’ and ‘what I need in order to handle my own special challenges’.

Below is a list of groups to help participants address special issues that may add challenges to recovering from a Substance Use Disorder.

Co-Occurring Disorders

For some of us, mental and emotional issues add more challenges to recovery. Fortunately, working together adds more help.

Program location:  Tri-Cities and Hayward


We had experiences that wounded our minds and souls. Together, we can begin to heal.

Program location:  Tri-Cities and Hayward

Men’s Group

We share male strength and experience to support each other in recovery.

Program location:  Tri-Cities and Hayward

Spanish Group

Nos reunuimos para ayudar a los demas vivir una vida mas rica. (We get together to help each other lead a richer life.)

Program location:  Tri-Cities

Women’s Group

Some recovery issues are easier to talk about sister-to-sister.

Program location:  Tri-Cities and Hayward

Grief Support

We found that dealing with loss was easier when we stood shoulder to shoulder with others.

Program location:  Hayward

Non-Smoking Support

We want to be around a long time to enjoy our recovery.

Program location:  Tri-Cities and Hayward