Drug Testing

All treatment clients participate in random drug testing as part of their program.

What does “random drug testing” mean?

  • Clients are assigned a testing frequency—for example, once a week or twice a month—-depending on their situation or the wishes of the Court that referred them here.
  • Clients call a phone number every day and say a PIN number. They are then told if they have to come in and test that day.

I have a job. I can’t leave to get tested all the time.

  • We will work with you to set the parameters of your testing: evenings only, not on Wednesdays, not while you are on vacation, etc.\

What’s the point of this? If I didn’t want to get clean and sober I wouldn’t be here in the first place.

While the idea of drug testing may be a turn-off, the actual experience of our clients has been very positive. Those required to test by Courts find the way we do the testing respectful and supportive. Those clients here “on their own” say it is like a report card showing them how their recovery is going. In the words of one client, “It helps keep me honest.”

For more information call (510) 792-4357 and ask to speak with the Registrar.