Relapse Prevention

We don’t want to keep starting our recovery over again and again.

Program location:  Tri-Cities and Hayward

Coping Skills

We’re learning how to handle emotions and situations which used to be too much for us.

Program location:  Tri-Cities and Hayward

Stress Management

We can’t count on calmer seas, so we’re learning to build stronger boats.

Program location:  Tri-Cities and Hayward


Sometimes we just get stuck and feel we aren’t making progress. In this group we learn to figure out what’s holding us back and how we can get moving again.

Program location:  Tri-Cities and Hayward


Identifying thinking and situations which make us act impulsively and self-destructively is the first step in dealing with them.

Program location:  Tri-Cities and Hayward

Assertiveness Training

We’re learning how to stand up for ourselves and ask for what we need and what we want.

Program location:  Hayward


We got tangled up in other people’s problems. We’re learning to free ourselves.

Program location:  Tri-Cities, Phoenix and Hayward