The Courage to Heal…

It takes a lot of courage to walk in the door of a substance abuse treatment center.  Whether you have already made the decision or you are still thinking it over, we want to help you any way we can.

People get here in different ways.  Some are sent by Courts or other authorities, some come at the urging of family or employers, while others “show up on their own”.  Some are relieved to finally get help, while others are angry about finding themselves here.  What they all share is that substance abuse has created a problem they can no longer ignore.

Second Chance staff are qualified by both education and experience to help you begin your journey to recovery.  We understand the uncertainty you may feel.  We won’t pretend that getting better isn’t hard work.  But recovery can turn your life around and let you live better than you may think possible.

We can show you a way out.  And you don’t have to do it alone.  At Second Chance you will find friends for the journey.

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We are here to help you on your journey…

We’re here to help you figure this out.  

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