Court Services

The Alameda County Court sends many defendants with drug or alcohol-related problems into their Drug Court program. Those defendants needing outpatient services in South County are often sent to Second Chance.

We also receive court referrals through the old Prop 36 system. And sometimes judges just want someone to get SUD treatment whether they fit into Drug Court or Prop 36 or not.

Second Chance has a Court Services Coordinator who handles these folks, accepting referrals, arranging for intake/assessments, plugging them into appropriate treatment, and seeing that necessary progress reports are routed to the correct Court Departments.

If you are sent from a Court—other than for diversion services like DUI or PC1000 Drug Diversion—you can call our regular number [(510) 792-4357] and ask to speak to the Court Services Coordinator.

For more information call (510) 792-4357 and ask to speak with the Registrar.